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Biente Spor Gömlek  14.09.2008 20:10:26

  Biente contributes to the finery of men thanks to its wide selection of shirts with various colors and models such shirts being the season’s favorite ! Biente shirts offers lots of different alternatives with their shirt preferences for men aged between 20 and 50 who give importance to their looks.

 Shirts which are always the favourite items in Biente collection gain people’s admiration with their classical and narrow cuttings this season. Satin shirts which attract people’s attention and admiration with their glamorous looks, higher collared shirts with double buttons and straight and sportive cut shirts are only a few of Biente shirts.

The higher collared shirts which are very trendy and fashionable this season moved by the masculine details maintain completeness with jeans especially. Biente gains admiration with their designs and imprints and they inspire spring fashion with polo collared, striped or plain looks, white or colorful selections.

Another trend this summer; the patterns with graphics gain life with the bright stripes and spots of Seguente shirts, this summer Biente shirts promises lots of action.

Biente Shirts

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