BİENTE  was founded in 2003 and it created its own unique style. Our company gained an important position in İstanbul since its founding and its daily production capacity is approximately 1400 Shirts. We create two primary collections in one year, those being Spring -Summer , Fall -Winter.     Our Collections target the tough-macho extraordinary men who prefer finery. Our collections have been designed at a very high quality with selected fabrics and they are manufactured with the use of all technical details. We are proud to present you our selected products and collections created with over 27 years of experience.

       Biente Shirts are sold as well as Turkey, and we export 80% of our production to 14 different countries and manufacture the shirts of famous and well reputed brands.

   The primary goal of our company is to offer the consumers the best fit for them and manufacture them in line with the latest fashion trends. Our products and collections also meet the exclusive orders and demands.
We just wish you to see our success under the trade name; Biente...

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