Fabrikadan Görünüm

     As  BİENTE , we consider the importance of fabric, texture and color as well as the lifestyle of man and his image which reflects his position in society. Biente has very strong bonds between itself and the customers, hence the company uses this proximity with its customers for responding to their demands and needs precisely and comprehensively and uses new techniques for the shirts which are the symbols of men’s wear by also supporting them with the most distinguished fabric and elaborate workmanship in order to open the lives for men to an exclusive life. 


   We use high quality cotton thread for the fabrics of all products manufactured by  BİENTE. Furthermore synthetic mixed fabrics may be provided for the unique products other than cotton fabric. The fabrics manufactured from mixed threads enable many eases of use for these products. The shirts manufactured from such fabrics will not crease easily and they will dry quickly when washed and they may easily be ironed which are the reasons for some of our customers to select these products.
Furthermore the lower cost of synthetic thread used in the mixture gives us the opportunity to offer for some of our customers who pursue more economical products.

Today Biente is being paid back for its hard working for all those years together with the corporation’s branches, and we are working more and more each day to promote the brand and become better.
We prefer three different rates for the clothes we use in our
Shirt manufacturing.

 100% Cotton -  80% Cotton - 20%  Polyester - 70% Cotton  30% Polyester

     Currently the daily production capacity of our firm is approximately 1400 however we aim to increase our capacity with our new factory to be opened soon.      
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